.TEL DNS Restrictions Lifted

News letter from Dynadot.com ( Wed Mar 15 06:00:40 2017 ) Dear Customers, Thank you for choosing Dynadot as your .TEL domain registrar. Recently, you should’ve received notice from Telnic.org about their plans to lift DNS restrictions on .TEL domains. We wanted to remind you that as of yesterday, those restrictions have been lifted. What does this mean for you and your .TEL domain? .TEL’s usage is no longer restricted to Telhost’s directory. You can now set your .TEL domain’s name servers the same way you would for .COM and most other domains. This gives you the freedom to set up your .TEL domain the way you want. How do I set my name servers for my domain? What if I don’t want to set new DNS for my .TEL domain? The information you had set up in Telhost is not longer available; however, the .TEL registry has a new platform that you can access on ManageMy.tel. Please be aware that your .TEL domain is still set up to use Telhost’s name servers. Therefore if you have not already set up your ManageMy.tel account or changed your .TEL domain’s name servers, then your domain is currently empty. If you have any questions, you can either email our customer service team at info@dynadot.com or Telnic’s customer service team at cservice@telnic.org. Best, Team Dynadot dynadot.com

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